Cuneyd Zapsu Consulting offers a combination of corporate and political experience to provide elite clientele with pragmatic and sustainable business solutions to ventures. The company specializes in management consulting, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital consultancy, project scouting, investment advice, corporate communication services and public relations. Company provides services to clients not only based in Turkey but across the world. According to PWC, despite recent political upheaval, Turkey is expected to be the world’s 14th largest economy in 2030 with over $2,700bn GDP and outranking countries like Italy, Spain, and Canada.

As of 2017, Turkey does not receive its deserved share of FDI to emerging markets. One of the objectives of Cuneyd Zapsu Consulting is to raise awareness of this issue and to increase Turkey’s share in total FDI flows. We are confident in the Turkish economy and advocate that any well-aimed investments in Turkey will provide higher returns compared to benchmarks.

Turkey has both the skill-set and tool-kit required for such returns: a large, well educated and young population (median age 29.6); a growing consumer middle-class; a stable and capitalized banking system; strict fiscal discipline; investment legislation that is easy to navigate; and unmatched government incentives.