Sibel Selcuk, is the President of Heritage Turkish Holdings (a subsidiary of The Heritage Group), Interaktif Cevre’s founding company. Interaktif Cevre, uses the Heritage model to help manufacturers recycle waste materials and achieve their “Zero Waste” goals with sustainable methods. Dr. Selcuk supports Interaktif Cevre with her 15-year and Heritage’s 48-year experience in waste management and Zero Waste.  

Dr. Selcuk joined The Heritage Group, in 2006. The Heritage Group is a privately held portfolio of companies focused on creating long-term values with operations across North America, Europe, and China. Since 1930, the core businesses managed under the group portfolio grew into Environmental & Remediation, Specialty Chemicals & Fuel Products, and Construction & Materials. Dr. Selcuk, has served as a Research Chemist and then as the Chief Scientist for the company. At these roles, she worked with a large group of scientists and engineers on variety of waste-to-product projects, technology evaluations, and was part of the startup of new companies under The Heritage Group portfolio.

Dr. Selcuk, recently became the Vice President of Global Research and Development at Monument Chemical, also an affiliate of The Heritage Group, with the objective of growing the product portfolio of the company. She continues to serve on the board of Interaktif Cevre, the advisory board to the Dean of Science at IUPU and on the board of ATC.

Dr. Selcuk has a PhD in Chemistry and is based in Indianapolis, IN.