MG.Reha Ufuk ER is the Chief of Plans and Policy Division of the Turkish General Staff. In this capacity he oversees Turkish Armed Forces’ defense planning, resource programming, modernization and major acquisition activities.

MG. started his military career in 1980, when he attended the Turkish Air Force Academy after graduating from Fenerbahçe High School in İstanbul. Following graduation, he was commissioned as 2nd lieutenant on August 30, 1984. He was designated as an Air Force supply officer.

MG. ER joined the Turkish Air Force College in 1994 and graduated as a staff officer in 1996.He was promoted to Brigadier General rank in August 2012 and to the Major General Rank in August 2017 .

MG. Reha Ufuk ER is married to Mrs. Nursen ER and has two children. He speaks English.