Mehmet Ali Yalçındağ is a Turkish businessman and the Chairman of the Turkey-US Business Council (TAIK), Turkey’s oldest and largest business council.

Born in Istanbul and educated in London, Yalçındağ began his career at Dogan Holdings, one of Turkey’s most important conglomerates operating in the energy, media, insurance, and tourism sectors. At Dogan, Yalçındağ managed the group’s considerable media interests, eventually rising to head the conglomerate’s media arm, namely Dogan Media Group owner of the respected daily newspaper Hurriyet, as well as television channels Kanal D and CNN Turk. During his term of 22 years Dogan Media Group became a vertically integrated conglomerate while he initiated the international strategic partnerships with Time Warner, News Corp and maintained the growth through the M&A’s with Egmont, Burda and Axel Springer.  Dogan Media, Directing editorial policy for some of Turkey’s most influential independent outlets, Yalçındağ developed a reputation for pragmatism and business acumen in Turkey’s media sector.

In March 2012, Yalçındağ became the Chairman of the Executive Board of Arvato in Turkey, a leading Bertelsmann company. In July 2012, he became the Chairman of the Executive Board of Yandex Turkey.

After stepping down from his position at Dogan Media in 2016, Yalçındağ has held a number of prestigious roles. Having served as a media manager at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Yalçındağ also served as chairman of both the Turkish International Advertising Association and the Turkish Advertising Council, as well as a member of the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD) and the Foundation for Technological Education and Training (TEGEV).

Currently, he is the Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Yandex Turkey. In October 2015, Yalçındağ founded E-Glober which acquired the Turkish representation and rights of Alibaba, the largest internet platform worldwide. He continues his role as Chairman of the Executive Board at E-Glober. Yalçındağ became a partner of May Cyber Technology in October 2016 and took over management and control of the majority of the company’s shares in June 2017.

In January 2018, Yalçındağ was elected as the Chairman of the Turkey-US Business Council, with a mandate to foster a new age of bilateral business cooperation through his close ties with U.S. President Donald Trump. Having worked closely with The Trump Organisation on the construction of the Trump Towers complex in Istanbul, President Trump has described Yalçındağ as a close friend.