Jerry Hurd is the Vice President of International Sales for Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc, a manufacturer of light, medium, and heavy machine guns with world-wide sales of approximately $50M annually.

Jerry is a US Navy veteran of Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and the Iraq War retiring at the rank of Chief Warrant Officer. He enlisted in 1985 and attended various electronic communications schools before reporting to the USS AINSWORTH homeported in Norfolk, Virginia. After completing three deployments on AINSWORTH, Jerry attended NATO satellite communication training in Latina, Italy before reporting to the NATO Satellite Ground Terminal SGT-F3 located in Chesapeake, Virginia. Upon completion of this tour, Jerry was assigned to Naval Special Warfare Group TWO Mobile Communications Team in Little Creek, Virginia and completed deployments on USS AMERICA, USS NASHVILLE, and numerous other areas while serving as a communications technician with various East Coast based SEAL Teams. While at NSWG2, Jerry was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and returned home from a deployment to Haiti days before the birth of his son. After a brief tour at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, Virginia Jerry returned to Little Creek to SEAL Team EIGHT. Upon being selected for Chief Warrant Officer, Jerry assisted in the creation of SEAL Team TEN prior to transferring to Afloat Training Group Atlantic once again in Norfolk. The 9/11 attacks occurred while at ATG and Jerry used his extensive experience with the NSW teams to assist the fleet Navy in creating new anti-terrorism training and commands. He was hand selected as the Communications, Weapons, Ordnance, and Small Craft Officer for the Navy’s newest active duty anti-terrorism focused command, Mobile Security Group TWO in Portsmouth, Va and spent the remainder of his career developing the equipment packages and training for the command including the purchase of dozens of patrol boats, thousands of weapons, and all associated equipment.

Upon retiring in 2005, Jerry began a new position with Alpha Solutions and was responsible for developing the US Navy Crew Served Weapons Instructor course. Once fully implemented, Jerry assumed a position as the lead instructor for the course and was responsible for the safe training of over 1,500 machine gun instructors over the next few years. In 2010, Jerry was hired as the Program Manager for all international sales of armor, weapons, and associated equipment at Turner Strategic Technologies. While at TST he managed the Iraqi 35M Patrol Boat contract and assisted in the installation of composite and glass armor on the boats along with the crew served weapons. At the completion of that project, Jerry accepted his current position with Ohio Ordnance Works initially as the Sales Manager and rising to his current title of Vice President.

During his time at OOW, Jerry has traveled to 42 separate countries to conduct trade shows, product demonstrations, training, and customer visits. This includes eleven visits to Turkey consisting of three IDEF exhibitions and time in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir visiting with BMC, FNSS, Nurol, Otokar, Aselsan, SSM, Armsan, Canik, TAI, and many other manufacturers. Jerry’s trip to Izmir included a return visit to the Turkish Frigate TCG EGE which is now a museum and was formerly the USS AINSWORTH.