Hamid Saadatmanesh, Ph.D., P.E. is U.S. General Manager at DowAksa. Previously President and Director of R&D, CarbonWrapSolutions, LLC, Tucson, Arizona, he also has served as a professor of Structural engineering at the University of Arizona since 1987.

Dr. Saadatmanesh’s principal field of expertise is in application of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials in civil engineering. He has pioneered many innovative applications of FRPs in construction, and has published over one hundred technical articles on this subject. His papers have received several “year’s best paper awards” of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

He has also received a National Science Foundation Award for his work in the area of using FRPs for repair and retrofit of infrastructure. He is internationally recognized in the field of FRPs and has given many keynote lectures globally on their integration as an infrastructure solution. Since 1994, his companies have installed FRP materials in numerous projects including bridge columns, masonry and concrete buildings, and large-diameter pipes. He has patented the application of FRPs on masonry structures and has several pending patents on various applications of FRPs in the construction sector.