Dr. Elvin Yuzugullu is currently employed as a Project Manager on clean energy/fuels projects at GDIT and an Adjunct Professor at George Washington University’s Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department, teaching graduate-level classes on clean energy. She started her career with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Environmental Engineering, which she supplemented with a Doctor of Science degree from George Washington University in Environmental and Energy Management.

Dr. Yüzügüllü brings a comprehensive, multi-faceted systems view of issues related to the way we create, consume, and manage energy. Throughout her career, she has been involved in the evaluation of a diverse array of clean energy technologies and issues, including techno-economic evaluations, market penetration analyses, technology deployment planning, and decision-making model development for consensus building. Dr. Yüzügüllü’s extensive experience and interactions with the federal government, national labs, and industry has provided her with detailed knowledge on critical energy issues, as well as the capability to understand and resolve concerns related to divergent stakeholders in the energy industry. She has also been engaged in clean energy-related conferences in various countries, with roles such as keynote speaker, discussion panel moderator, conference organizing committee member, and abstract reviewer.