David has 25 year’s experience in international and domestic infrastructure development . As a recognized procurement and capacity building advisor he has supported PPP policy development, infrastructure project planning, and development initiatives in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Recent advisory activities include being a contributor to the World Bank’s PPP Certification program, contributor to its PPP guidance manual, and being a water and renewable energy sector technical advisor for UNECE’s PPP Standards initiative. In previous leadership roles he has been responsible for business development initiatives, market capture, and institutional branding.  He currently serves as an advisor to the Sustainable Cities PPP COE of Excellence (University of Navarra), the SULIVER board, and as senior advisor to the International Sustainable Resilience Center.
He has led and facilitated sustainable infrastructure and economic development programs and worked as a advisor on infrastructure and concession projects for governments and donor organizations.  More recently, he has closely collaborated with the Turkish Istanbul PPP Center of Excellence as a PPP consultant and advisor.